Tips for Taking Great Pictures When Selling Your House


When trying to sell your house, the first hurdle is to get buyers through the door. Before making appointments, almost all people look through listings online or in print ads. These ads have pictures that will make or break a house. If you’re trying to sell your house for sale by owner, take the time to take some great pictures of your house using these tips.

  1. Invest in a decent digital camera. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars, but check out user ratings and get one with at least 10 megapixels.
  2. Use a tripod. A steady hand takes good pictures, but a tripod makes them look more professional.
  3. Remove the clutter. Toys, piles of papers, and other personal effects will take away from what you really want buyers to see. Clear out all the “stuff” before taking the pictures.
  4. Take pictures from a doorway or corner. This will give an accurate view of the size of the room. It may also help to take the picture from a lower angle so buyers can see features like higher ceilings and crown molding.
  5. Use natural lighting. Try to take photos when there is some sunlight coming through the windows to make rooms look bright and open. Using a flash will often result in shadows that won’t give an accurate representation of the space.
  6. Edit your pictures. Choose your best photos and use editing software to crop them and adjust brightness and colors.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great pictures of your home. And just like selling your home, you don’t need to hire someone to do it for you. Take your time to get some stunning photos of your house and then team up with someone who can help you with marketing. You’ll have your home sold in no time, all without paying thousands of dollars in realtor’s fees.


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