More Happy For Sale By Owner Customers!

"FSBO worked very, very well and saved us a great deal of money. We feel that this method was easy for us. We sold our home in 10 days from the first time the magazine came out. We had great exposure and loads of calls and many people thru in the 2 weekends that we showed the house."

"FSBO products and services are just as effective as traditional real estate but at a fraction of the cost. I had over 50 real estate agents call to tell me that I couldn't sell my home without their help. Glad I could prove them all wrong and keep over $5,000 in my pocket, not theirs!"

"You can choose your options. No commission is great."

"We paid $400 instead of $8,000. This is the 3rd house we have sold using your services. All sold in short time...of course, our houses are clean, well maintained and priced right. We had appraisals & sold around that price."

"I felt using FSBO was more tailored to my needs than a traditional agent without all the pushiness one is bombarded with using an agent. I found FSBO experience very rewarding. I sold our house after the 1st issue came out. The response to your magazine is much better than the newspapers as the callers seem more interested in looking at the house. I rec'd more calls from the TU however, I received more serious calls from FSBO. I have recommended your publication to friends as well as people who have called for my house who needed to sell theirs. I would definitely utilize your services in the future if the need to sell my new house arises. Thank you for all your help."

"No pressure from an agent to do what they want. I did not have open houses. I only did by appointment showings. This allowed me to be in control."

"We had our house listed with an agent for 6 months with no offers. It was listed with FSBO and we had 2 offers within 3 weeks."

"It's independent sales work. There's no one to keep calling and no schedule to keep regarding an agent. In addition, all the showings, in essence, the seller gets paid for since there's no commission to pay. We sold for the asking price."

"Your magazine alone had our phone ringing off the hook! Our home sold in 3 weeks! Plus - we had 2 offers prior to that and another one the day after. Homes for sale with realtors in our neighborhood were on the market for 6 months. And we got a better price - without having to pay commissions. You know your home and neighborhood better than anyone else. Realtors can't answer the questions we did. What are the neighbors like? Any children? Why are you moving? Customers get the whole picture. Not just whether or not they like the floor plan."

"In addition to putting our house for sale with FSBO, we also put it in the Multiple Listing Service. We had very few agents come thru our house and when they did it was not a pleasant experience. The agents just wanted to check off that they had shown their clients one more house. They never wanted to hear any of the attributes of the house. Who better to sell your house than yourself. I would never use a real estate agent. Thanks for your help!"

"FSBO is the way to go. My house was under contract 3 weeks from the start. We had over 75 calls and 3 people fighting each other to buy my house."

"I like the idea of no ""hard pressure sell"" because I make the decisions. It's better than when you deal with a realtor who is looking out more for themselves than you. I was wise to decide to look into your services. I have avidly followed many of your previous issues even before I decided to sell my house. I like the personal touch, where the owners do their own advertising. From my previous experience with realtors, it has come to my attention they truly are looking to make a buck more than being 100% truthful when selling one's property. Basically, I couldn't be happier with the results and exposure I received by using your services. I sold my home in 5 days. What more can one ask for?"

"Fantastic! We saved $8,000 and everyone at FSBO was very helpful with my ad and information box data. I would highly recommend FSBO. The staff made it very easy for us to sell our house with the house being advertised on the internet, TV and the magazine. We received over 50 inquiries, some as far away as Long Island and Massachusetts. A very rewarding experience for us. I strongly recommend FSBO as the way to sell your home. Thank you."

"Your services are well written and cover a huge area. We were very pleased with the results of our advertising with FSBO. Our first ad & TV showing was June 30th. On July 6th we showed the house to our potential buyer and had an offer July 8th. Previously, we had out house for sale with a well known realtor for 2 years and they did very little advertising. You can't beat the coverage of your magazine, internet & TV ads. Thank you."

"I just want to thank you for all your help. We sold arour house in 8 weeks and saved alot of money and also bought a home from people listed by FSBO."

"I like to be in charge of my own affairs and FSBO lets you take charge. Fast and easy, like selling a car!"

"After 2.5 years with the local realtor, no luck. In only 2 months with FSBO it sold. This is the only way to go!"

"FSBO is just as effective as realtors. Your professional looking signs and information box sold our home in 2 1/2 weeks."

"Real estate agents won't bother with open house, if you want your home seen you are told to be their guest and show it. I took it away from the real estate because of that reason. If i have to show it, why not sell it on my own. I closed the 30th of June, sold it April 14th. I believe it had only gotten in one book."

"You did everything just right, especially TV & computer ads. When FSBO called to ask us if we's like to renew our ad, we were delighted to say NO, thanks to you we sold all 4 of the houses we had advertised. We are a homeowner program funded by HUD and use FSBO exclusively to sell our new construction. We save the commissisons and can do more houses because of not having that expense. FSBO does a fantastic job giving us the exposure to sell our houses. So far we've sold 8 new construction homes this way. It's the only way to go for us."

"We felt that your products and services were extremely helpful in the sale of our home and FSBO services are more personal and hands on for the seller. FSBO made the sale of our home a pleasant and virtually effortless experience. We would use FSBO again and intend to recommend FSBO to any and all we know interested in selling their home. Thank you FSBO."

"FSBO services and products were superior to those offered by 5 individual real estate companies/agents we interviewed. Thank you! We saved time and a great deal of money, we sold our house and settled within 4 months of posting our FSBO sign."

"The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgable. The products are professional and there is a great amount of exposure. We were able to sell our home in 2 weeks! We were also able to market it better through our own info sheets and showing the house more readily than any agent."

"Agents provide useful information and insight but not enough to pay all that money for. We were able to successfully sell on our own using your marketing"

"This price is much better than traditional real estate agent. I liked the fact that we were in control for such items as running open houses. Our home sold within two weeks through the advertisements. We also had 3 other couples interested in placing an offer."

"The signs and the ad in the magazine work great. I sold my houe in 10 minutes. The ad was in the magazine on Monday and sold it on Tuesday in 10 minutes. The first caller came on Tuesday and it was sold. It was the price I wanted, I did not dicker and I saved about $3,325 that the real estate would of charged me at 6% commission for selling my house."

"We had our house listed with an agent for a year. What we discovered, after signing up with FSBO, is that my husband and I were better sales people than the agent. FSBO allowed us to filter out the less serious prospects and focus on the true contenders. We were able to schedule our own open houses and visits in a more efficient manner. We were also able to drop our price $10,000 to make it more competitive and actually made $2,000 more than we would have if we had to pay the agents commission."

"We are quite satisfied by the response we received from your products (Magazine, TV & internet). Your products and newspaper ads were the only vehicles we used to sell our home. The newspaper ads were used to advertise the open house."

"Offering buyers no pressure selling I think is much more inviting to people. Realtors are too fake. I was amazed at how many calls I had about my house. I showed it almost 20 times in less than 3 weeks with at least 2 couples wanting to make bids. I had listed my house one year ago for 6 months with a realtor who showed the house 3 times."

"I think more and more people are looking for bargains these days. When a realtor is involved you have to raise the price way up to get the amount you actually want. Anyway, we are still receiving calls long after the ad expired. It worked! We saved $9,450 minus your $500. Wow!"

"The greatest products and service for such a low price. Sold house day after magazine came out. Showed it to one family and they came back that evening with a deposit."

"Your products and services are excellent. Between the magazine, internet and TV, we only needed to have 1 open house. We never thought selling our home would be so easy. The day we listed our house we got at least 5 calls a day. We saved over $7,000 in commissions that would have been handed over to a real estate agent."

"FSBO provides same results faster and cheaper than real estate agents. Excellent service, helpful staff. Received over 50 responses and sold within 2 weeks. Continued receiving calls even after sale and photo was no longer in book. Color photo was a definite plus. I would recommend your service to anyone selling a home. TV showing also excellent way to show home."

"The degree of media coverage is superior with print, internet & TV, your product is far superior to both newspaper and real estate broker coverage. Our buyer first saw house on the internet, that's a big plus since more and more people utilize it. I have nothing but good things to say. The speed at which we sold the house was amazing. I believe that was because the right buyer saw it. We had previously shown it to about 12 couples. The photo is a big plus. The prospective buyer gets a look first, which spurs further interest. Great marketing tool!"

"FSBO is much easier to use and much less expensive. I could control how much money I would receive from the sale of the house without a 6% loss after accepting an offer."

"I was very happy with the quality of the ad and our results. We advertised with color advertisement. It was a very nice quality. We sold from that ad in 7 days. We had 4 showings that week and after that had received about 40 calls from the ad."

"We feel FSBO offers all the services we would have used. FSBO was the first selling or advertising we used and we were very happy working with the staff. It is our opinion that home-sellers should use FSBO first - it worked for us! We were fully prepared to take 1-2 years to sell our home. Thanks to FSBO, we sold it in 36 days."

"Much more economical products and services are offered by FSBO. A great way to sell!"

"In 2 months, our home was sold, compared to the previous 6 months when we were with a realtor. My husband wanted to use FSBO when we first put our home on the market. I was concerned about not being in the MLS, thinking it would limit the ability to reach the greatest number of potential buyers. So...we contracted with a traditional realtor for 6 months and never got an offer (not even one we could refuse!). We then listed with FSBO on the deadline date. There were many inquiries, and within 2 months we were able to sell our home to an out of state, first time homeowner. We saved thousands of dollars and sold our house in 2 months - so who needs realtors???"

"With all the pro-realtor advertising you see and hear, homeowners are led to believe that they can't sell a home without the realtor's help. Well, we can attest to the fact that YES YOU CAN! I admit that getting a house ready to show and having open house's does take some time, but because we did it ourselves, we were in control. Besides, not having to pay the realtor's commission helped out in our down payment for our new house (which was purchased without any realtor involvement). I would definitely work with FSBO again. I think the services offered is tremendous. The publication and internet made our house accessible to the general public. Thank you for your service."

"You have full knowledge of your home for those interested and negotiating is better when you know the terms needed for both parties. Our first contract was received after having our house for sale by owner within 1 week. Another contract was received 2 weeks later. We did not agree to the terms of these 2 contracts. Then we received the accepted contract and sold our home. I liked FSBO so that I could show our house as often as I wanted and had full knowledge of the house for perspective buyers."

"We were very pleased with the number of people who called and came through during the subscription time. Which by the way was only 2 issues! Surprisingly enough, the folks who bought our place found it on your internet service!! We literally saved $10K plus - WOW - thank you FSBO. We must add, dealing with the staff was a most pleasurable experience."

"Your staff was very easy to work with and your products were 1st class."

"FSBO is the best way to go. Products and services are almost identical to real estate. The only thing extra you need is motivation and a desire to sell your house. Staff was very friendly and knowledgable. They got us started in the right direction. Thank you."

"Traditional real estate agents tend to bring immediate interest to your house but at a much higher cost to the seller (7% etc.). We're very pleased with the interest we received in our house generated by the magazine, internet and other advertising services. We had plenty of interest and the house sold quickly, but it took awhile to get the majority of phone calls about the house.Overall, we're very pleased with FSBO and how quickly we were able to sell the house. It's a great alternative to listing with a realtor."

"There is no comparison between FSBO and real estate. FSBO is beyond belief, the phone never stopped ringing.A buyer was obtained within 6 weeks. The only costs were the price of the ad, approximately $550. which is much less than 1% of the selling price. Who needs a real estate agent which would cost 4-8% of the selling price? FSBO IS THE WAY TO GO!"

"We are completely satisfied with the expediancy involved in the sale of our house. We listed our house on 4/5/ and on 4/18 we had an offer that we accepted. We had 2 open houses and many lookers. We had more calls in 1 day than we had in the total 6 months that it was in real estate hands. The people who bought our home listed theirs for sale by owner the day after they made an offer on ours. They too sold theirs in a 2 week time frame. The internet & TV coverage was where the most calls on the house came from."

"The services and products were excellent. The book about selling your own home was very helpful. We sold our home in 7 weeks using your service. We advertised in a number of papers, but your book that comes out every 3 weeks generated 80-90% of the calls. You offer an excellent service at a very reasonable cost. Thank you."

"The FSBO magazine gave far more exposure than a real estate agent can offer. We couldn't be happier with your service!!"

"By using FSBO we received calls from a wide range of people. I feel you have all the products necessary for a complete sale. Thank you so much for the great service you provide. Your customer service is excellent. We used other advertisements and had very little success. With the great help of your staff we choose just the right package for our needs and we were off and running."

"I believe the services at FSBO matches those offered by a real estate agent. We sold our home within a few days with FSBO. We were pleased in all aspects."