Working With Buyers

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You just received a call from an interested buyer who wants to come and take a second look at your home. Hopefully they are also ready to make an offer. What do you do next? Follow the next 5 steps to bring you closer to the sale of your home.

  1. Set up an appointment at the buyer's earliest convenience to come back again. Cancel any appointment you may have to accommodate them, unless it is an emergency. Try to leave enough time to prepare your home for the showing and be sure it is in the best possible condition inside and don't forget the outside curb appearance. Anxiety has probably kicked in so try to remain calm and relaxed.
  2. Greet the buyers with a warm, friendly smile and offer to answer any questions they may have. Let them freely walk through the home at their leisure. They will probably now have some questions so it's a good time to invite them to sit down and offer some type of refreshment. Answer their questions to the best of your knowledge. Offer some positive comments about the home or neighborhood. Don't hesitate to ask them if they are thinking of making an offer. Keep the conversation friendly and free from pressure. They may want to go home and talk about it before placing an offer.
  3. Be prepared for the next step if they are interested and want to go forward. Have them put the offer in writing. If you already have an attorney he should have supplied you with contract forms for the buyer to use. Or you can accept the offer in writing and have the buyers come back within a certain length of time (generally 48 to 72 hours) with a contract prepared by their attorney. Be sure any contingency, items staying or not staying with the home or any seller concession is listed on the contract.
  4. If a buyer asks what is the lowest price offer you are willing to accept. Tell them you do not have an answer since it would depend on the contents of their offer and how qualified they are for a mortgage. Let them know that you had put a fair market price on the home but will be happy to consider their offer in writing.
  5. To be successful in selling your home remember to remain friendly and keep your emotions under control. Some buyers may need a little extra TLC to complete the necessary details in purchasing a home.

Following the above five steps will put you in the driver's seat. Keep your thoughts and actions on track. The end of the road will result in a SOLD home with a happy buyer and successful seller.