How to Write an Effective Ad

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Prospective buyers often times end up purchasing a home quite different than what they originally had in mind. It's important to give a buyer enough information on your home to motivate them to contact you for more details. Conversely, you don't want to give them so much information that they can immediately eliminate your home from consideration. Focus on the positive, you want to draw them in just enough so they'll want to come in and see what your home has to offer.

The three things most buyers want to know right away are Location, Price and Number of bedrooms. These should be featured right at the beginning of the ad.

Next describe the best interior features of your home. Make sure to include upgrades and improvements. You always want to include fireplaces, jacuzzi tubs, gourmet kitchens, etc.

Describe what you feel are the best exterior features. Do you have a fenced in yard perfect for kids and pets? Is there beautiful landscaping or a deck or patio that is perfect for a barbeque or entertaining?

Lastly mention nice neighborhood and community features including proximity to a good school district and shopping. Is there a bike path close by and accessible? Buyers want to visualize living in the house and neighborhood so give them some food for thought.

Remember to talk about the positive aspects of the home and use words that generate emotion and feelings of security. Emotion generating words include dramatic, outstanding, tranquil, calm, awesome, gracious, elegant, wonderful, lovely sweet, airy, bright and cheerful. Words that generate feelings of security include private, secluded, fenced in, safe, quiet, peaceful and private.

Get a little creative, but don't go overboard. Ask yourself what attracted you to the home when you bought it? Only include the best and most important features of you home. You want to motivate the buyers to contact you for more information!